Brazilian keratin blowdry

Frizzy unruly hair ?

Why not try a  

Brazilian blowdry.

straightens curly & wavy hair.

Adds condition & shine make hair easier to style & dry.

       70-100% effective on 1st treatment -effects build after more treatments.

        Natural product 100% vegan friendly & not animal tested.

          Tame frizzy & beat the effects of humidity. 

     Not a perm doesn't permanently change your hair texture -results last around 12 weeks gradually washing out.

              Suitable for all types of hair bleached, coloured & permed hair 4 different products tailored for each client.

                          Full aftercare support & aftercare products included in treatment price.

Suitable for long & shorter hair styles.

COCOCHOCO  Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment is an advanced process that transforms your hair to a straighter, smoother, shinier look.

The treatment is keratin based (the primary protein of skin, hair and nails).

Keratin is a natural substance that gives your hair the ability to return to its original healthy, shiny, smooth and conditioned state.

COCOCHOCO Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment straightens and smooths the hair without changing its texture.

The treatment can be applied on all types of hair, virgin, including chemically treated hair (coloured, permed, relaxed, highlighted and bleached).

The application process lasts anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours depending on the length and thickness of the hair.

After the product is applied, it is sealed with a flat iron at 450 F. (230 C.) which traps moisture, hydrates the hair and creates a silky, glossy finish.

Results are immediately visible after the keratin treatment is completed, hair looks healthy and revitalised.

It is essential that after a keratin treatment that you maintain your hair and ensure the long lasting effect of the treatment by using high quality sodium chloride (salt) free products.

Cocochoco Brazilian keratin blowdry treatment aftercare instructions

Follow this guide for the best results from your treatment.


Do not wash your hair until 3 days after treatment.

Each morning on waking blast dry & re-straighten hair.

If hair becomes wet or damp for any reason blowdry & re-straighten immediately

On humid /damp days re-dry & straighten hair 2-3 times per day as the extra humidity will weaken the effect of the treatment with the 1st 3 days. 

Do not wear your hair up for the 1st 3 days as it will cause indentation marks in your hair. If any marks are caused by sleeping etc re-straighten immediately.

Do not apply any hair products within the 3 day settling period.

Hair colouring can be carried out 2 weeks after the treatment.(bleach colours are best done 2 weeks before) 

Use the shampoos & conditoners  recommended by your stylist - incorrect products will remove the keratin blowdry.

Swimming,hot-tubs,saunas  & using softened water will remove the treatment effects.

The treatment results & lifespan will depend on your aftercare & lifestyle.

The 1st treatment will be 70% + effective it’s advisable to have a repeat treatment 10-12 weeks after the 1st Brazilian blowdry.

Over time your hair will return to its natural texture keratin blow-drys  are not a perm & do not change your hair permanently.

It’s recommend to have a Cocochoco masque treatment with a cut & blowdry 6-8 weeks after treatment to enhance treatment results and care for your hair this masque can also be purchased for home use to enhance results and add shine & gloss.


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Home care products - 

shampoo & conditioner set £25.00

Weekly keratin mask 200ml £22.50 


we source my aftercare & treatments directly from the manufacturer to ensure best quality products for our customers as there are many counterfeit keratin products which can damage the condition of your hair.

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