What is Olaplex?

Our hair contains millions of disulphide bonds, these are what gives our hair its structure and strength. If these bonds are broken through heat, chemical or environmental factors it results in damage. Olaplex contains a single patented ingredient called Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate (we know, what a mouth full!) This single ingredient restores damaged, compromised hair from the inside out by rebuilding bonds. Once these bonds are intact you have healthy, strong, shiny hair once again.

Hair Bonding 1Hair bonding 2

                                                         our stylists are highly trained to analyse your hair, discussing your lifestyle, styling habits and any struggles you may have when it comes to condition.

Colour - when booking in for a colour at kerryanns, we will take time to discuss in full what it is you're hoping to achieve and your current hair condition. If our stylists feel the hair condition needs to be improved before we can realistically achieve the desired outcome, they may recommend a course of Olaplex treatments to insure your hair is strong enough to carry out a colour, particularly when lightening is involved.

Cutting and Styling - hair health is still a priority when booking in for a cut or a blow dry, our stylists will again carry out a full consultation and recommend which treatment will suit your hair best for amazing results.

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